About Our Divisions

B&R Enclosures 业务包括四个部门:工业、数据 ICT、危险区域和住宅商业。 每个部门都专注于满足不同细分市场的独特需求。 这些部门共同分享创立公司的优势、资源和经验,以提供周到的客户服务、创新的设计和优质的产品。 在下面阅读有关我们部门的更多信息:-

industrial products

B&R Enclosures offers an extensive range of enclosure solutions including industrial, mining, MCCB, road and rail, general purpose, power generation, process control and automation and more.

Hazardous area products

Specialising in the supply of electrical equipment for hazardous areas, B&R Ex Systems utilises the manufacturing and distribution network of parent company B&R Enclosures. IEC Ex certified products include lighting, terminal and control enclosures and more.

Data ICT Products

B&R Enclosures offers an extensive range of Data ICT product solutions including data racks and cabinets with a full suite of accessories including cable management, security cages and cooling solutions.

Residential Commercial

Specialising in the residential commercial market, B&R offer a range of enclosure solutions to suit single dwelling, multi-tenancy, commercial buildings and more. All residential commercial enclosures are in accordance with Australian Supply Authority Rules and Regulations.