Lambert LB

An IP66, special purpose, 30º sloping roof, sunshaded enclosure for mining applications

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Lambert LB


Designed for applications where the enclosure has a high level of exposure to solar radiation. Typically used for local control stations, mini control consoles and motor isolators in conveyor runs.


  • IP66 protection rating
  • Removable doors with pintle hinges
  • Sunshades on all exposed panels
  • 30° sloping roof to prevent build up of water and solids
  • LockSock protective lock cover (IP55)
  • 3-point locking
  • Easy to install with top and bottom mounting flanges
  • Robust lifting lugs
  • Flat faced gutter
  • Single full width rear mounting pan
  • Optional side mounting pans that don’t obstruct rear mounting pan


  • Full width steel rear mounting pan powdercoated white
  • Padlockable swing handle
  • Locksock protective lock cover (IP55)
  • Sunshades
  • Door stays
  • 3mm brass gland plate
  • Door rails
  • Top and bottom mounting flanges
  • Lifting lugs
  • Earth strap kit


  • Manufactured from 1.5mm thick 316 stainless steel
  • Formed in place Polyurethane gasket
  • N4 surface finish


  • Side mounting pan
  • Powercase – lockable


  • Pilbara SPPilbara 的SP 系列拥有多种规格,使之适用于最常见的采矿,选矿及基础设施项目。同时也配有遮阳篷。
  • Universal DD双门专用机箱适用工业或苛刻环境。这些外壳具有无中心竖框的设计,非常容易接触安装在安装盘上的所有设备。
  • Incline SR带坡度机柜顶部设计可用于恶劣工业环境。拥有集成顶部和底部法兰,安装便。坡顶设计旨在防止固体物质在设备外壳的顶部积聚。