Bowen Series

An IP66 enclosure perfect for increased mechanical protection and designed to meet the harsh demands of mining environments.

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Bowen Series


Suitable for housing terminations, pushbuttons, isolators or switchgear in industrial or demanding environments such as washeries, processing and sampling stations.


  • IP66 protection rating
  • 40º sloping roof and 40mm roof overhang reduces material build up
  • Easy installation with top and bottom mounting flanges
  • Removable lifting lugs are fitted to 800mm and 1200mm high enclosures
  • Internal door rails fitted to ensure mounting flexibility
  • Internal 6mm earth stud
  • Available with varying body/door thickness


  • Manufactured from 2.0mm thick or 1.5mm thick 316 stainless steel
  • N4 surface finish


  • Lock options such as L handle


  • Lambert LB针对受阳光辐射较多的机柜设计。遮阳蓬使机柜内部的温度可以保持到最低。
  • Pilbara SPPilbara 的SP 系列拥有多种规格,使之适用于最常见的采矿,选矿及基础设施项目。同时也配有遮阳篷。
  • Miner ME矿工 ME 被开发用于地下采矿环境,它具有100 微米厚的聚酯漆,提供了卓越的保护和可视性。