iLINQ – Assembled to Order

An IP55, multiple application, built-to-order bayable enclosure system.

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iLINQ – Assembled to Order

iLINQ is a bayable enclosure system that can be configured to suit a wide variety of applications. It features a unique symmetrical rail profile that allows components to be interchangeable whether on top, bottom, front or back. As part of the design process B&R has worked with a wide variety of industry experts to ensure iLINQ suits industry specifications and applications.

The symmetrical design of the enclosure system allows the same part to fit in many locations. All B&R staff have had extensive assembly training and are available to help configure your iLINQ bayable enclosure system.


iLINQ Assembled to Order allows the customer to build custom configurations and order the specific items required to fulfil a specification.


Contact local sales office to place order and/or arrange for any special requirements such as punching or specific powdercoat colours.


  • iLINQ - Stand-AloneiLINQ 机柜系统可以配置,适用于各种设备,其特点是部件预装配,可快速组装。
  • Field FC旨在保护室外和孤立地点的电子设备,它们需要灵活的外壳保护。现场使用的机外壳经过特殊设计以尽量减少人为破坏。
  • Monarch IP多用途外壳和开关设备构建系统,具有广泛应用。这些机箱是模块化的,被安装有使之坚固的配件,以满足大多数电力工业的应用需求。