Field FC

An IP66, special purpose, enclosure designed for isolated environments such as for ITS equipment and GPS receivers.

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Field FC


The substantial growth in infrastructure and the requirement to protect electronic equipment in outdoor or isolated locations has lead to the need for a flexible enclosure. Protection against vandalism and the functionality of the system are two of the major considerations when selecting an enclosure for isolated environments. B&R’s range of enclosures have been designed specifically to minimise vandalism.

The flexibility of this range allows it to be used in a variety of applications including: –

  • Housing of intelligent transport systems (ITS) equipment
  • GPS receivers and transmitters
  • Road monitoring and traffic management equipment
  • Radio communications equipment


  • IP66 protection rating (with solid gland plate and flush side panels)
  • Flush front and rear doors with concealed hinges to minimise forced entry
  • Lifting lugs (eye bolts) on enclosure top
  • Plinths for corrosion protection
  • 3-point locking, low profile handle to minimise damage to locking mechanism and key coded locking barrels
  • Door stays to retain door in open position
  • Rainhood/sunshield to minimise the effect of the elements
  • Adjustable internal mounting rail system
  • Reversible doors
  • 3mm split aluminium gland plate


  • Manufactured from 2mm thick zinc coated steel
  • Polyester powdercoated T33 smoke blue textured gloss
  • Anti-graffiti coating also available
  • 2mm thick marine grade aluminium and 1.5mm thick 316 stainless steel available on request


  • Cladding
  • Ventilated shelves
  • Baying kits
  • Rails and brackets
  • General accessories (light kit, door limit switch, thermostat, plan holder and more)


  • iLINQ - Assembled to OrderiLINQ 机柜系统可以单独配置,适用于各种设备。根据客户需要组装构建自定义配置,并利用特定部件以满足规范要求。
  • Ausrack IPIP66 标准19" 机柜系统旨在保护敏感的网络设备使其免受恶劣环境的影响,包括可能会接触到的灰尘或水。
  • Monarch IP多用途外壳和开关设备构建系统,具有广泛应用。这些机箱是模块化的,被安装有使之坚固的配件,以满足大多数电力工业的应用需求。