Polynova PM

An IP65, non-metallic enclosure designed for use as an individual enclosure or in a combination distribution bank.

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Polynova PM


Designed for use as an individual enclosure or can be arranged in combinations to form bayed distribution suites.


  • Self extinguishing and non dripping to conform to the IEC695-2-1, 960°C glow wire test
  • A modular design capable of expanding in any direction
  • UV stabilised


  • CE marked


  • Opaque parts – noryl
  • Transparent parts – polycarbonate
  • Surface finish – natural RAL7035
  • Protection rating – IP65


  • Metal mounting pan
  • Insulated mounting pan
  • Mounting pan spacers
  • Depth spacers (to increase the enclosure depth)
  • Wall-mount brackets
  • Aluminium DIN rail
  • Rail kit
  • Gasket joining kit
  • Cover fixing accessories
  • Hinges – lid
  • Gasket for hinging lids
  • Ventilation plugs – nylon
  • Cable sealing box – non-metallic
  • Gland plate


  • Polynova PN机箱具有易于使用的弹簧锁装置,非常适合那些需要经常打开进行维护的应用装置。适合于室内和室外使用。
  • Polynova PCPolynova 通路控制具有优良的抗机械冲击性和对化学品很强的抗腐蚀性,在Polynova 通路控制很容易钻、冲、锯或锉,因而易于安装。突出的安装点可以防止污物在设备壳体的背后积聚。
  • Polynova PS一系列高性能的非金属机箱,带不透明或透明箱盖。