Forte FR

An IP65, steel enclosure often used to house switchgear or components in a variety of applications.

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Forte FR


Suitable for a variety of general electrical applications.


  • IP65 protection rating
  • 110º door opening for ease of access utilising concealed door hinge.
  • Rear mounting arrangement with wall mounting brackets included
  • Galvanised steel gland plates come standard on enclosures 200mm and above


  • Powdercoated 1.2 or 1.6mm carbon steel
  • Galvanised steel mounting pan
  • Polyurethane Gasket (Foamed in place)
  • Powdercoated Pebble Grey RAL7035


  • External vent kit
  • Lock options


  • Universal NI通用外壳旨在最大限度地提高使用寿命,专门应用于工业和苛刻的使用环境。独特的壁挂式特点可以确保快速简便的安装,无需在壳体上额外开孔。
  • Polynova PD一系列双重绝缘并配有铰链的通用外壳,能承受温度-40°C 至100°C 的温度范围。
  • Monarch IP多用途外壳和开关设备构建系统,具有广泛应用。这些机箱是模块化的,被安装有使之坚固的配件,以满足大多数电力工业的应用需求。